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Have a chat with the Best Real Estate Property Agent in Northville

Just like most cities, Northville is home to various types of properties; condos, duplexes, bungalows, and many more are available to all interested buyers. However, buying a house is no easy feat and at the end of it all, you want to ensure that you get exactly what you wanted.

A real estate property agent offers an easy way to secure your dream house without wasting your time or money. Are you relocating to Northville? Here are some of the benefits of hiring a Northville Real Estate agent.

  • Available homes are found easily

Using your expectations and your budget, a Northville real estate agent can help determine the feasibility of getting a house that fits your preference in Northville. If it is not feasible, the real estate agent works with you to deduce an option that would satisfy you. When this is finished, the real estate agent uses his/ her contacts to find available homes in a short time

  • Prices and Negotiations are fair

A Northville commercial real estate agent ensures that you are fairly priced in your attempt to buy a house. He or she handles the negotiations and helps strike a deal that would favor you. Without a real estate agent who knows the area, you might fall victim to scammers or overpriced home sales.

  • All necessary repairs are made

A Northville commercial real estate agent would ensure that all necessary repairs are done before the deal is closed. Sometimes, people tend to miss the small but important details in a repair, a real estate agent does not overlook this as he/she ensures that you get the worth of your money and nothing less.

  • All paperwork are handled correctly and the deal is closed appropriately

A Northville commercial real estate agent draws up the right paperwork to finalize the sale of the house. He or she ensures the person in charge of the sale is duly authorized with the right paperwork and also helps avoid all unnecessary drama and pitfalls that may affect the closing of the deal. At the end of the deal, you are guaranteed an honest and smooth transaction that makes you a proud owner of the proposed property.


Would you like to own a house in Northville? Start the process by having a chat with a real estate agent in Northville today.

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Jeff Duneske

With over 22 years of real estate experience, a career volume of over $300 million, and over 1,200 property's sold, Jeff Duneske, broker/ owner of Duneske Real Estate Advisors at Keller Williams Advantage, has a lot to be proud of. Jeff has built his business — and thrived in the industry — by instilling his clients' trust. " I have always said that we meet our clients at the crossroads of life and change — that we can make a difference, earn their trust and help our clients during this change." "Knowing that I have earned the trust of over 1,000 clients and the privilege of guiding them through one of life's largest financial transactions to achieve the American Dream is the greatest reward of my business." Jeff was born and raised in Novi and earned the distinguished rank of Eagle Scout when he was 15 years old. In 1996, Jeff graduated from Novi High School and The Oakland Fire Academy and had the intent to become a full-time firefighter. After serving as an auxiliary firefighter and EMT in Novi and Walled Lake for several years and not landing a full-time position on the force, Jeff decided to shift gears and find another professional path to help people and begin his real estate career in 2000. Having earned the top agent or team at various brokerages over his career, Jeff has demonstrated his drive to reach for the sky and his commitment to his clients. "We never rest on our laurels, and we're always improving our current systems — and implementing new systems — to boost efficiency and assure stellar service." Jeff, who has served on the Professional Standards Committee for the past nine years, embraces a solid mindset to persistently achieve his goals without compromising his morals, standards, or ethics for anyone or any transaction. "You must uphold your standards because if you don't uphold them, you have no standards at all." "I run my life and business by The Golden Rule: Treat others how you would like to be treated." Jeff's noble purpose — conducting his business with the highest morals, ethics, and standards — has led him to a successful real estate career. More importantly, his ethical and moral standards have enriched his life and the lives of others in immeasurable ways … and because Jeff does not waver, he will continue to lead with purpose, honor, and great promise.

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